RMA Submittal Form (USA or Canada Customers ONLY)

Welcome to our Instant RMA for your ASUS product. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email with your RMA instructions and RMA checklist form that will need to be included with your returned ASUS product. Please be sure to read the documents thoroughly for important information prior to returning your ASUS product to our repair center.

A few helpful tips when completing the request for an Instant RMA:
  • You may only request for one ASUS product at a time. If you are needing RMA’s for multiple products, please complete a new form for each product. Do not provide additional serial #’s in the brief description, as they will not be included in the RMA and will cause a delay in processing your RMA at time of receiving.

  • Instant RMA will be provided for ASUS products that are In-Warranty and are manufactured in the North America region (United States and Canada only). If your product is outside the manufacturer warranty term, you may still complete the web form, but you must upload a copy of your proof of purchase for warranty validation and you will receive a Case#.

  • Pay close attention to the return shipping address. Different ASUS product lines return may have a different repair center location. If the product is sent to the wrong repair facility expect delays in processing your ASUS RMA.

  • Possible reasons for not receiving an Instant RMA# and will receive a case# only:
    1. Incorrect Serial#: <<Click Here**>> to review serial # format and possible locations. Please take the serial# from the physical ASUS product, as the original box may differ.
    2. Product is out of warranty, be sure to upload a copy of your proof of purchase.
    3. Product is not manufactured in the NA region

  • If you need to make an address change, please contact ASUS Product Support by Phone or Chat.

  • For RMA status inquires or technical support related inquires, please visit our Service Site. Do not complete this form for these types of requests.

  • Please only click the submit button once.

Contact Information( Items marked with "*" are required for application)

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Product Information

Inputting your product s/n, will auto-populate product type and product model. If system does not auto-populate, there is an error with your product s/n inputted.

How to Find Model Name ?

Did you talk to our support team ? If yes, please provide case number.

To prevent delays in processing your RMA, please remove all passwords (i.e. Operating System, BIOS).
Permission to recover operating system* YES NO
**Recovering the operating system is required if there is a software and/or hardware related issues. ASUS is not responsible for any lost data or 3rd party software. Back up all your personal data prior to sending your unit in for RMA service.
* Do you agree to participate in an email survey about your repair experience after repair?
* I agree to provide the above information to ASUS to fulfill my request for RMA application, and also agree to the Asus privacy policy.
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